Why you can and should believe in MAGIC!

Magic is real  manThis morning in my address to a gathering of business men and women, I said I believed in magic. I let a decent pause occupy the space , because I wanted to make them think I was going to get all rainbows and unicorns on them! lol

Then I explained that magic is real and practical. Magic is very real and practical because it shows how any situation could appear absent of resources and opportunities. A place where you will experience nothing satisfying and leave empty handed.

For magic to prove its’ existence, it would have to transform the nothing into something, or the non precious into precious.

So an empty, desolate, barren place filled with sadness, negativity and boredom is a place to avoid, right?

Magic has no power or purpose without being able to transform such a place to something profoundly the opposite; exciting, abundant and richly satisfying!

How can this be so?

In a breath that exhales the attachment to the old, replaced by a softening of the view, that is now primed to reframe the very same situation; this is what can transform the nothing into something great, instantly!

Shazam!! Suddenly and every so practically, there is instant awareness of more details thanks to an unprejudiced view. This leads to better questions to ask and opportunities to appear. This transforms into relevant and practical ideas that ignite the passion and engagement in you and others to implement.

Stagnation turns into motion. Helplessness transforms into joy. Suddenly, where there was nothing, there is plenty!

Believe in magic. It is real and practical, and you are designed to be the magician.

PS: I am yet to meet a unicorn, but rainbows are cool and scientifically explainable. Just sayin’ :)

My name is George Helou and I’m the founder of EP7 – Empowered for Purpose in 7 Steps. I am a best selling author, Life and Business Coach, Motivational Speaker, Work Culture Consultant. My latest book is Cinderellas Secrets – The Untold Story of Ella www.onceuponeaview.com 
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