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Hi and thank you for visiting my blog! My name is George Helou, I am a husband, father, song writer, author, personal development innovator and life coach. I have lived in Perth, Australia for a decade and was raised in Sydney. I decided to take blogging seriously because I love writing and sharing ideas that empower all of us to live our purpose. 

I have been very passionate about personal development since my late teens and made a decision back then that I would dedicate a lot of my focus to the art of personal change. As a result I have had an amazing journey and not all of it has been good either. Life gives all of us a roller coaster ride, but what we choose to make of it is up to us. 

Amongst the many amazing experiences, this includes spending personal time with Deepak Chopra, on stage with Prince on a day that started with myself being hit with a lightning bolt. I have recently learned the importance of sharing more of my personal challenges and how I have overcome them as a more authentic and meaningful way to share knowledge and tools. I have life coached for at least 10,000 hours over the last 15 years which has been an enriching experience to say the least. 

I do like to say it how it is, although being tactful is something I also enjoy including in the way I share. I am a big believer in people, potential and the mystery of God / universe/ everything. I sense our common purpose is to embrace the journey of connecting to each other to create an authentic sense of belonging and continue to expand into more expressions of that belonging. 

I have created EP7 – an empowered for purpose in 7 step framework and process which has helped several hundred of people learn the art of personal reinvention into more of their true identity and purpose. I am focused on sharing information every day to help people get in touch with their greater self and realise much more of their unlimited potential. Every person has their unique genius and the world is a better place when it expresses. I am currently writing books and training life coaches while I practice as a life coach in Subiaco, Western Australia. 

I hope you enjoy my blog articles and please do engage with me. I enjoy the way social media is allowing us to connect and form friendships without the limitations of distance and time. 

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  1. Have been treated for anxiety and depression for few years . Meds didn’t really worked. Qeeg showed up high beta waves…chronic anxiety and tension…….. What can work for me…..very low mood, crying, anxiety and panic attacks.

    I live in johannesburg South Africa…. Have now been prescribed straterra and lemectin and l theanine but possible side affects are horrific so very scared of these meds..

    Please help. Kirsten

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