The Power of the Never Give Up Attitude

  When you dig deep, you will be surprised what you will find, that was always there. We usually only recognise what supports how we feel at the time. So Continue Reading →

How to turn on your FLOW

Rachel Donovan and I discus flow / being in the zone, in our latest EP7 Podcast. You can go to the iTunes link here  And the Libsyn web version here Continue Reading →

You already have what you need to thrive

I had lunch with my dear friend Dr Joe Kosterich today. On our way back to my office and his car, he told me about the acorn and how everything Continue Reading →

We are all designed to be designers of our life

I love creating and I have been in flow deeply and often enough to know it’s the essential and primary ingredient to creating. As you intuitively connect to your surroundings Continue Reading →

Why you can and should believe in MAGIC!

This morning in my address to a gathering of business men and women, I said I believed in magic. I let a decent pause occupy the space , because I Continue Reading →

Dealing with the takers who struggle to give back

Here is a discussion point I would like to put out there. Have you noticed a particular type of personality, that no matter what you do, they always seem incapable Continue Reading →